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Dealing With These Father Daughter Issues Will Raise Your Self Esteem
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I didn't just write the book about Fathers and Daughters, I lived it. It took me years to recover from my troubled father daughter relationship. Many good relationships ended because I didn't know how seriously affected I was. Only when my marriage ended, did I begin my work. Today, I am here to help you because you  deserve to feel good about the woman that you've become (despite your hardship) and to find an unconditionally loving man.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

Have you ever wondered how your relationship with your father and your childhood memories of him have influenced your self esteem?

Do you always seem to attract certain types of men into your life and then find yourself repeating the same negative relationship patterns?

Make the connection between how your father made you feel, your need to heal those wounds and the relationship choices that you've made.

Find out how you can attract the right man into your life or improve the relationship that you are in right now.

Shari Jonas B.A., F.L.E.
Father Daughter Coach

Family Life Educator &

Human Relations Counsellor


Author of "Father Effects: How Your Father Influenced Who You Are and Who You Love" and
"The NEW Father Daughter Effects eWorkbook"


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"Shari Jonas invites all of us, women and men alike, to reflect upon our childhood relationships, to break negative patterns and to improve the quality of our significant relationships. She offers us hope that with proper introspection, insight and support our breakdowns in life can be transferred into breakthroughs!"
- Dr. K. Sohail, Psychotherapist




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"This book reveals the truth to women who want to tackle the reason for their low self-esteem, insecurity, anxiety, failed trust, emotional voids and sometimes, promiscuity. The characteristics are, unfortunately, the principle reasons why their relationships fail time after time!
Father Effects is a must read for those who care about emotional health and lasting, satisfying relationships with a soul mate who cares."
Raymond Aaron, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul